Order, Order
FemDomme Society
As a well defined “Society”, FDS has definite rules, regulations, and
designations that apply within its “Realm”. Significant of these is the
“Order” of the Society which includes specific rankings for the Ladies
as they progress up the scale and achieve more status and more voting
power within as They progress. At the very top, of course, is the LOC,
the Ladies of the Court. The LOC is the Supreme governing entity of the

It is important to understand that these rankings ONLY apply to the Superior
Ladies of the Society and NOT to the submissives who serve them! The submissives
do have a “star” ranking system from 1 to 5 stars which is only an indicator to
the Superior Ladies of how much service and how sincere the submissive has been
in his devotion and activity in helping “spread the word” of FDS. There are
indeed certain “requirements” for a submissive to be awarded stars based on
various levels of service.
There are also designated “servants” who may be assigned special duties
to help the LOC in ways deemed necessary by them.

The important thing to remember is that NO submissive, slave, sissy or otherwise
has any more authority or is any way more important than any other submissive
within the Realm of the Fem Domme Society! Each, reports to every Superior Dominant
and serves Her as called. If a submissive is “owned” by a particular Domme or
Mistress, then that submissive is “protected” by Her and She would be the one to
contact with any problems or complaints concerning Her “property”.

Again… Every submissive who chooses to be a part of the “real” world of Female
Supremacy which is FDS is created equal! Come discover what “real” Female
Domination is all about at www.femdommesocitey.com

The Hotlist
FemDomme Society
What a great concept! Within the walls of the Fem Domme Society lies
a very special area called the “Hotlist”. Members can choose to
add others to their Hotlist which will enable them to know when they
are on-line and/or logged onto FDS.

Anyone can add anyone to their hotlist at anytime and the member will
be notified accordingly. The hotlist is different from the “friends”
list which carries a little bit of a different connotation. It would
generally be recommended that a “friend” designation be done by request.

The “hotlist” is, however, available to anyone who so chooses to be chosen!
Why not come join FDS and learn about all of the many “facets” that make
the Fem Domme Society the premier site for “real” Female Domination on
the planet! www.femdommesociety.com

What is a Society
FemDomme Society
“A society, or a human society, is described as a group of people
who are related to each other through persistent relations, or a
large social grouping sharing the same geographical or virtual
territory, subject to the same political authority and dominant
cultural expectations. Insofar as it is collaborative, a society can
enable its members to benefit in ways that would not be otherwise
be possible on an individual basis; both individual and social
(common) benefits can thus be distinguished, or in many cases
found to overlap.”

As complicated as all that may sound, it is perhaps a very good
explanation of what separates the Fem Domme Society from other
organizations . The Fem Domme Society has its own laws and court
system. Those who are accepted as members become part of a
very large (now with over 56,000 members) organization founded
on professionalism and a commitment to Female Superiority. The
balance of this Society requires two parts, both the Dominant Female
and the submissive male, because without either part, the other part
will fail to exist.

Within the walls of the Society there must exist a
respect for the other part. The Society is a real place where members
are free to explore and grow within their designation as well as grow
within the ranks of the Society. More information about the rankings
and order of the Fem Domme Society can be found at

FemDomme Society
As a Society of “Real” Female Domination, the Fem Domme Society
often deals with every aspect of what “Real” Female Domination
is all about. This includes the necessity for the need of the
Superior Ladies of the Society to sometimes have to “discipline”
wayward submissives who serve them within the Society.

The Fem Domme Society is not only very much oriented to the
Dommes who control and rule, but also is oriented to the very
“real” submissives and slaves who have given of their free will
to serve and accept the guidance and education that their Superiors

It seems that there may be times when some submissives and slaves
require more, and in some cases, an inordinate amount of guidance,
control, and obedience!

Those who choose to accept that kind of care and concern from their
Superiors of the Society will grow in their submissiveness and
understanding and come out much better submissives and slaves for the

Sometimes there are situations where ONLY a Superior Lady could possibly
tolerate the kind of behavior that an inferior submissive or slave might
demonstrate! Those within the Society who may have experienced such,
would be very truly appreciative for the love and support that the Superior
would show in even taking Her valuable time and effort to “discipline” the
one who was wayward!

This again is what differentiates the Fem Domme Society from just any “other”
site. Come discover the world of “Real” Female Domination at www.femdommesociety.com

How To?
FemDomme Society
The Fem Domme Society website is probably the most comprehensive exclusively Female Domination
site on the planet. It is divided into dozens of sections including a plethora of areas in which members can explore and participate. One area in particular may be found to be most useful to the newcomer. It is the “How To?” area which can be easily accessed from the “Home
Page” of the FDS site.

At the top of the list is the “Ownership” feature is explained. This allows a sub to send
a request of “Ownership” to a Domme who can then accept or decline the request. If accepted the subs profile will be marked as “Owned by” with his Dommes picture and ID number showing
on his profile page.

The next section includes an area explaining and offering instructions for leaving a comment
on a members profile page. All comments must be approved before they are posted. Instructions
are given on how to post a comment; how to manage comments;and how to trouble shoot should a
problem occur.

Following that, are a number of instructions for uploading a profile picture, uploading photos
to the community area, up loading stories, and uploading diary entries!

Want to know how to update a profile?....Change a status?... Add music? All are covered in the
“How to?” area. Also covered are a number of “Hows”…. How to Hotlist”, “How to view those who
have Hotlisted Y/you” , “Blocking a member”, “Blacklisting a member” (Dommes only) , And
earning points that apply to the monthly contest.!

This is just a sampling of everything that is covered in the “How To?” section of the FDS
website. There is much more! For the complete list visit www.femdommesociety.com and look for
the “How to?” section. Happy learning about “How to!”

Message You, message me -
FemDomme Society
One of the more popular areas of the Fem Domme Society is the message board. The message board allows all members whether Female Domme, wench, male submissive, or transgendered to share information, ask questions, make comments, or exchange ideas with the general membership. It is open to all without regard to membership status.

It is pretty much available for anything except posts must not be negative or harmful or the person posting could be subject to suspension or removal from the Society. It should also not be used for support issues as there is a separate support e-mail for this. Other than that, it allows posting on an issue and as many responses and comments to that issue as will allow. Many significant posts may get literally dozens and dozens of replies!

Recent posts include travel plan announcements, event announcements, questions concerning castration (hummm), messaging for those who can’t use the formal message platform, and more. There has been a posting for the rules of protocol for the chat rooms, formal apologies, how to properly address Female Dominants, ethics, and the list goes on and on!

The message board also has search features that allows for looking up specific topics, and the Ability to quickly scroll through the pages to look for more recent postings.

The message boards are yet one more example of how the most powerful exclusively Female Domination site on the planet is able to provide more services, more topics, and more information about the “real” world of Female Domination. Come discover FDS for yourself at www.femdommesociety.com

Tell Me More!
FemDomme Society
As the Ladies of the Fem Domme Society advance in rank through the Hierarchy, They meet certain criteria in order to advance to the next level. A Female Dominant who has earned the distinction of being called “Baroness” of the Society has done so by meeting all of the requirements of “Madame” and then also has completed a Fem Domme interview which is posted in the Domme Interview section with a link on Her profile page.The questions are uniform and are designed to allow the Female Dominant to let the Society, both Female Dominants and subs, learn more about Her. Questions ask such things as how She would like to be addressed; What She considers Her greatest feature; Things She has never done; Her likes and dislikes on a variety of topics; How She feels when Dominating someone….. and a number of other questions that allow Her to get up close and personal with the members of FDS! Some of the questions get very specific on activities that She has done or not done, Her feelings about a number of topics, and specific other information about Her. There are approximately 50 questions in all! The Domme Interview area of FDS is just one more aspect that distinguishes The Fem Domme Society as THE premier Female Domination site on the web. It is now over 56,000 members strong and growing! Come discover the place where “real” Female Domination rules! The Femme Domme Society. http://www.femdommesociety.com

Attention 24 Hour Party People!
FemDomme Society
The fabulous Maitresse Renee will be conducting a live webcast from Her dungeon on Thursday, June 7th, at 7:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EDT. (This will follow Domme Eva's webcast about play parties.) Maitresse Renee will be answering any questions about the exciting, upcoming "True Desires" party in July (eat your hearts out Tom and Nicole!) as well as conducting a tour of Her dungeon. It is recommended that any attendees have undergone a complete physical examination prior to the Q&A session / tour. Catch the webcast in the Communications Center of FDS. www.FemDommeSociety.com

Pointing to Points
FemDomme Society
The monthly contest is another fun and rewarding aspect of the Fem Domme Society. Both Female Dominants and subs compete to win fabulous prizes from a leading equipment and accessory provider and to get the recognition for helping support the Society. Points are awarded on a number of criteria and are tracked virtually immediately. Here’s how points are earned. You get…..
• 5 points every time Y/you log into the system (no more often than every 3 hours).
• 5 points for each internal message.
• 10 points for every new photo uploaded to Y/your profile.
• 75 points when hot-listed by another member.
• 69 points for photos uploaded to the Public photo area.
• 125 points for each University completed and additional points for recruiting others.
• 135 points for stories that Y/you upload. Can be real or fantasy.
• 140 points for submitting a news article pertaining to Female Supremacy.
• 70,000 points (Female Dominants Only) by completing Your interview and advancing to Madam.
• 1,000 points minimum plus additional from voters for scheduling a Webcam Broadcast.
• 50,000 points to post a Female Domination video! Please recognize the legal aspects of posting non-original material.
• 150,000 points to Female Dominants who are upgraded by a submissive to a lifetime membership.
• 2,500 to 5,000 points for sharing FDS with others! Banners are listed with each members profile that can be shared on other sites. This is the biggest way to earn points!
In addition, submissives can assign any amount of their monthly points to any Female Dominant. These points are deducted from the total of the submissive and applied to Hers. The Female Dominant will receive an email detailing the gesture and the points that are sent. Assigning points are always appreciated and are a great way to get the attention of your favorite Female Dominant!
So there you have it. That’s the monthly contest where there is always more to do and more to learn at the Fem Domme Society! Join today at www.femdommesociety.com/ !

FemDomme Society
Everyone who joins the Fem Domme Society at any level automatically gets a FREE Profile Page. The profile page allows members to search based on the criteria that you post to your page! It is divided into several different sections, each with its own information and/or pictures that allow other members to view you, your information, comments etc..
The first section is basic information including name, membership level, online status, Society rank, and Ownership status (males). Also included is your unique web address and membership ID number. The ID number is, of course, exclusively yours and is used for just that…. Identification. The numbers are issued sequentially so it is possible to determine the approximate length of time that a member has belonged to the Society. Currently there are over 56,000 ID numbers that have been issued! Points come next. First are the monthly points you have for the contest followed by the total points that you have accumulated overall. Contest points of submissives/slaves can be donated to their favorite Domme or Mistress which is always appreciated! Last is the number of views you have for the month. Graduation caps from the Universities are also displayed in this area.
Above the profile photo you can put a one line slogan or statement that can be as witty and clever or as basic as you desire. The profile photo is designated by you from among those that you post through your “manage photos” area. Also from this area you can access links to your messages, your hotlist, messages, interests, manage friends, and other links. The hotlist allows quick access to those who you want to keep up with and it will show the date when they last logged on. You can also go to the hotlist to see who has hot listed you! Pictures of those who have accepted your friendship requests are displayed on your profile page and they are managed through the “manage friends” link. The order in which they are listed is controlled by the number that you assign to them or, if not, they will display by order they were added. Many members have hundreds and hundreds of friends listed although only the top 20 will show on the profile page!
Member stats is where your member designation, name, address, DOB, height, body type etc. are posted along with your occupation and sexual orientation. You can then choose from a number of specific interests you have and these are also cross-referenced through the personals “search” area of the website. Finally you can post how long you have been in the lifestyle.
The “about me” section is your place to let ‘er rip! It is in this area where you can put whatever it is about yourself that you want! It can be used to express your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and comments. Remember that it is a public display area so should never be used to convey anything negative, distasteful, derogatory, or otherwise not conveying a good image. It should be used to “sell yourself” on who you are and what other members should know about you! The final area is where the most recent comments to you have been posted. Only the final few comments with the date posted will actually show on the profile page although all comments are retained and can be accessed should you desire. You can always remove any comments that you don’t want displayed.
Well there ya have it. That’s the profile page from the Fem Domme Society. Why don’t you come see what it is all about for yourself. Just follow this link to sign up today! http://www.femdommesociety.com


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